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 J.o.D General info:PLEASE READ!

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J.o.D General info:PLEASE READ! Empty
PostSubject: J.o.D General info:PLEASE READ!   J.o.D General info:PLEASE READ! Icon_minitimeMon Jun 16, 2008 11:48 pm

I did a massive forum clean up and figured I'd organize all the info spread out in threads into one little ditty.

J.o.D has a vent server. I myself am not in there because my mic is a piece of crap and I generally have company or simply don't feel like talking.I'd like to get in the habit of using it for scrims but that's just another to do on my very long list of procrastination. You guys can use it for bg if you want. If you play other games and need to use it feel free to do so. I'm paying for it so I'd like to see it used even if it isn't by me.


Port 3800

Everyone needs to have the alt patch downloaded and installed. It allows you see everyones damage, gives you video options to change the smoke(helps frame rate) You can stop annoying background noises on certain maps by typing stopsound in your console.

Some newer players might have the problem of their name changing back to private every time they exit battlegrounds
go to the folder
and create a text file named
in the autoexec.cfg put
name "Your Name"

Everyone is in the JoD folder on their steam friends list. If you see your clan mates on rally some of them and get the server full. Remember, we're always looking for quality recruits(preferably over 18) who have mics and seem interested in getting kickass.
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J.o.D General info:PLEASE READ!
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