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 BGL is starting soon guys.

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BGL is starting soon guys. Empty
PostSubject: BGL is starting soon guys.   BGL is starting soon guys. Icon_minitimeWed Jun 18, 2008 1:14 pm

3D DEATH is going to be running the Battle Grounds League. Now I wasn't around back in the day when we did the BGL so I'm not sure how it's set up but I will be attending a meeting this Sunday with all the American clans to figure rules and everything out so I'll let you know.

My main point is we need to start getting into shape. Play as often as possible and I'll let you guys know what's going on.

+]3D[+DEATH: I know alot have ask about it and I know alot want it. I have been in contact with Slash who owns the rights to the BGL site and have ask him If I could bring back the bgl for bg2 using the American ALT style play. Of course I will be admin of the American league. I have informed Slash I will go by the ADMIN rules of the BGL and in no way will I hurt the BGL that he created. So in other words dont ask me to take sides. If this is going to happen we need a meeting and I propose the meeting of Clan Commanders ONLY to join me in vent Sunday Nite June 22nd at 8 pm Central. This meeting will decide a couple things. 1. Entry forms, 2. Rules ,3. confg file for servers, 4. times of matches. Let me warn you, we need at least 6 to 8 clans. There will not be two with the same name. Here is a example 3D, SS, BOD, JOD, MP, AP. As you can see I only count SIX. We will discuss and I will ask SLash. I propose we use the same rules with a few tweaks like the weaponpickup will not be allowed. I believe the bg1 rules were perfect. The config file will be close to the cupwar config. I just want to stress one thing though, The american servers are all running the ALT patch and we love it and by no means does it mean we dislike what the dev team is doing. we like to see all damage and in public play the weaponpick up is fun. So in other words, its not a insult of any kind.
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BGL is starting soon guys.
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